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Список правил

These rules establish the order of the check-in procedure, accommodation and provision of services In the Sokol Hotel, a branch of the Slavyanka Hotel Complex.

Official check-in and check-out time

Check-in at the hotel is carried out from 14:00 p.m. local time. Check-out time is 12:00 local time. At the end of the stay, no later than the check-out time, the Guest should to vacate the room.

If the guest wants to extend the stay, the Guest must inform the administrator of the reception and accommodation service no later than 2 hours before check—out time - 12:00 local time. The extension of the stay in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed reservation for it in favor of third parties.

Early check-in and late check-out

If the guest needs to check in before the official check-in time and he will stay in the room for at least a day, the room fee for the period from the time of check-in to the time of arrival is charged in an amount not exceeding the fee for half a day.

If the period from check-in time to official check-in time is more than 12 hours, an early check-in fee is charged to the Guest in the amount of the cost of the day.

When Guests check in after check-in and check-out the next day before check-out time (stay less than a day) - they will pay 100% of the cost of one night's stay.

If the guest needs to stay at the hotel after check-out time, the cost will be charged in the following order:

  • from 12 a. m. to 6 p. m. —50% (fifty percent) from the cost of accommodation per day
  • from 6 p. m. to 11:59 p.m. — full cost of accommodation per day

Accommodation with children

If the child is less than three years old, he stays at the hotel with his parents without extra payment and extra bed. A baby cot is available upon prior request for free.

For adults and children over three years old, extra bed can be provided on request.

Check-in rules and necessary documents for registration

The Guest's check-in at the hotel is carried out upon presentation of an identity document issued in accordance with the established procedure:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • passport of a citizen of the USSR, certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation, before replacing it with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation within the prescribed period
  • Birth certificate - for a person under the age of 14
  • Passport certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation - for a person permanently residing outside the Russian Federation
  • Passport of a foreign citizen
  • Valid visa and migration card
  • The document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as an identity document of a stateless person
  • Permits for temporary residence of a stateless person
  • Residence permit of a stateless person
  • Refugee certificates
  • The travel document issued to a person recognized as a refugee in the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the procedure established by federal law

    The guest is obliged to fill out a questionnaire with a detailed design of all the items available in it in accordance with the data of the identity document, sign it with his own hand and indicate the date of filling in.

Rules of payment for accommodation

Payment for accommodation and services at the hotel is carried out at prices according to the price list approved by the hotel management. The guest can pay in cash or by credit card. Check-in at the hotel is made only after making an advance payment for the entire estimated period of stay. The final bill for the rendered services is issued to the guest upon departure from the hotel.

Hotel accommodation rules

  • At the entrance to the hotel, the guest should to present a guest card
  • The Guest should to return the room key card to the reception
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel. The cost of additional room cleaning (ozonation) is 1,500 rubles
  • When you leave the room, do not forget to check to close the water taps, windows, and turn off all electrical appliances.

    The hotel is not responsible for the work of city services (emergency shutdown of electric and thermal energy, water supply).
  • The presence of strangers in the room and the transfer of keys to them is prohibited
  • Do not leave valuable items in the room
  • Do not disturb the hotel guests, observe silence and public order. After 11 p.m. mute the sound of the TV and radio
  • Pets are not allowed at the hotel
  • Storage of heavy items, explosives, toxic and flammable and narcotic substances are prohibited in the hotel

Bed linen is changed:

  • in the rooms of the highest category – daily
  • in standard rooms-1 time in 3 days

The hotel may terminate the accommodation agreement and refuse to extend the stay if the guests or third parties broke the rules of accommodation, caused material damage to the hotel, did not pay for accommodation.

The guest is responsible for causing damage to the property of the hotel, for causing damage to the life and health of the staff, for violating the rules on the prohibition of smoking.

The hotel administration can visit the room without the consent of the guest in case of:

  • smoking in the room
  • fire in the room
  • flood in the room
  • violation by the guest of the rules of accommodation, public order, use of electrical appliances
  • conditions in which the guest needs medical assistance

If there are complaints from guests, the hotel administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict situation.